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Thanks to the innovators of ICOs into the marketing world. Since the ICOs came into existence, many countries across the world have started investing in ICOs for crowdfunding.

Earlier the technology used in cryptocurrency to raise the fund through crowdfunding was not that much secure and chances of a scam was more.

Singapore than launched the technology “ICO- Initial Coin Offerings” that has become the tool to generate the money. The best of an ICO is it’s more secure.

Singapore is known as the central hub for the ICOs investment. Most of the people buy and sell token in capital market on various ICOs coins. As it seems, ICOs have totally changed the method of raising funds for the new start-up projects with the help of the blockchain technology.

Benefits of ICOs:

  1. Scope for exponential growth.
  2. Secure.
  3. Decentralisation.
  4. No geographical barriers.
  5. Prices have a huge possibility to increase. If you are planning to invest on any ICOs don’t forget to check the current ICO review and rating as it will help the ico investors to where invest their money.