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I created a smart contract management platform - still beta, but you have the chance to create an ICO on that platform in seconds.

It’s still on the testnet, but I’ll switch to livenet asap.


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    Greta stuff, do you have a slack channel maybe we can chat about on how to maybe get involved in the development and testing. Otherwise its being done at the right time, cheers. Would like to hear from you. amonxnye@gmail.com

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      I would also be interested in a slack channel to chat about the project :)

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      This is awesome! Thanks for sharing it. I was actually thinking of making something like this. Very cool.

      What stack did you use to build it? Is the project open source? What else are you working on crypto related?

      Also welcome to the community :)

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        Thanks for your warm welcome.

        The stack is Python+Django+Nodejs+geth (and other wallets).

        We don’t release it open source right now, but maybe in the future.

        For now, we focus on ICOs and can provide the whole package, from legal&compliance, marketing, technology and online wallets/exchanges.

        Other services include Blockchain as a Service and individual smart contract development.

        Would be nice to talk to you more in detail. If you want, sign up at crowdsale.express and I’ll come back to you by email (I can’t find your contact details here)… ;)

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          That’s awesome! For ICOs do you only write the smart contracts or do you build dApps for interacting with them as well? Also do you have any links to some of the projects you have done?