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The Nervos Network is an open source project and collection of protocols and public blockchain ecosystem solving the biggest challenges facing blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum today. The public blockchain (Nervos CKB) is just one of many components of the network and plays a limited role to provide decentralization and security. The entire Nervos Network together serves as the platform for dApps and protocols. The Nervos Network represents the entire ecosystem of Nervos and is a collection of protocols, layer 2’s and public blockchains underpinned by the Nervos CKB and CKByte token. Nervos Network price is at $0.00469686 with a 24-hour trading volume of $11,939,964.58 at the time of writing. The Nervos Network is a decentralized application network with a layered architecture. The CKB is a public blockchain protocol which is the foundational layer of the Nervos Network and designed to serve as the trust engine of the whole ecosystem. Features of Nervos Netwok:

  1. Unlimited Scalability
  2. Efficiency
  3. Free Transactions at Light-speed
  4. Flexibility Nervos is friendly to existing enterprise businesses. This is because Nervos is creating a blockchain network that businesses can use to build real-world applications, given the real-world constraints of application development. Nervos retains the benefits of being a blockchain, without forcing businesses to go full blockchain. Nervos Network Solutions:
  5. A Sustainable Multi-asset and Store of Value Blockchain
  6. Maximally secure, permissionless and censorship-resistant
  7. Solves the biggest challenges facing blockchains today
  8. Native token CKByte aligns the interests of all network users
  9. Built for developers and native smart contract capabilities The Nervos DAO is an inflation shelter from secondary issuance used to manage state storage and provide sustainable incentives for miners. Store of Value users can lock their tokens in the Nervos DAO and receive a proportional share of this inflation. In this way your tokens are never diluted beyond a fixed cap.

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