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Today, the world is moving so fast towards the new technologies, the traditional ways of payment process are now outdated. The Development in the field of payment gateways, Blockchain, UPI’s has given a boost to the online world and now it’s your time to grab your potential customers from this online world. Now, developing a cryptocurrency is the smart move to grow your business.

TokyoTechie a Delhi, India based company. We also provide you all the online solutions for Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Mobile Application Development, Wallet Development, etc to grow your business. We have a group of active and energetic workers who full fill the requirement for our clients.


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    Unlike staff augmentation which installs staff and resources into your team and business, IT Project Outsourcing allows you to transfer entire projects to a firm that will take care of everything for you. This can include design work, software development, social media, copywriting, and implementation. For example, if you didn’t have the time, the man-power, expertise, and resources for a future project, hiring an entirely new team of staff or investing in the equipment to get the project done might not be a financially viable option. Passing those responsibilities on to an external company can be a cost-effective and time-management saving asset. https://www.invatechs.com/blog/staff-augmentation-vs-it-project-outsourcing-the-pros-cons-and-the-right-model-for-you/