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Boredom is a killer and nobody wants to experience the nasty side it brings into one’s life. To escape this monster, a lot of people participate in different recreational activities to keep their minds busy and their heads off the nagging issues that could weigh heavily on their joy. One of the ways to do that is play online games with friends. One good place to play your game, get some reliefs and even earn money is Dauber, where you can play Bingo.

Some important info about Dauber

You can get Bingo, which include 5 numbers in a row – vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. It also comes with Initial Card Option (ICO). Each round opens with a 60 minute time of “ICO” Every card that is bought somewhat increases the length of ICO in order to give room for increased demand for card. Players are allowed to pick one of 3 teams which determines the allocation of funds to different pots


Dauber has a fair referral system which is totally on-chain The earlier you enter the given round the better the chance to become a referral There is a 3% rebate for the first 5 entrants The earlier participants receive 3% of each card bought Referral eth is credited instantly.

Call Numbers

Every player is qualified to attempt number calling The first player to succeed at calling a number during a set of blocks is automatically entered into a raffle.

Claim Bingo

The game is won by the first person to claim a bingo and get mined The win kicks off a raffle for all number callers from a given round of bingo Previous round losers are paid and new users are selected to enter refund line. It interacts with Leveraged Eco systems A new bingo line is finally created.

Each entry helps to build up the progressive jackpot which is not easy to win. When numbers are called payments gradually scales downward. If you feel bored or want to make some money online, you may try your hands on https://dauber.io/ and see the little difference it makes.