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Scam alert! Just found this news about pal.network long time ago, that was buried and cover up http://archive.is/7OuUv.

I think Pal Network conveniently ignored it and the whole saga went silent without any follow up. Some more it’s run by a MAS Sandbox Graduate. It seems like a scam in the crypto scene. This is a bad mark for the crypto project developments in Singapore.

After further digging I found this:

https://medium.com/@palnetwork_/policypal-network-appoints-ke-liang-as-cto-baad6f6540f4 Dr. Ke Liang who was the ex CTO for a very short period of time came n left Pal Network! He must have founds something scammy about it.

Lets set out and start a discussion to unearth more dirt!


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    Financials is scary with PAL. PAL had claimed to raise 23,809 when ETH is around $1k. Current ETH price is $100. With Val travelling, sponsoring and spending without any products out. PAL is out of money very soon. MAS will soon be coming to them very soon I guess.



    http://archive.is/7OuUv?ico=policypal-scam-MAS Totally ignored by policypal…

    Dumping? I don’t think PAL worth alot?