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Bitcoin is one of the hottest investment opportunities online at the moment. Since the cryptocurrency gained traction and became one of the means of paying for goods and services globally, there has been a mad rush to invest in the digital coin. Various risk takers have, no doubt, made several hundreds of percentage gain trading bitcoin.

However, the risk inherent in trading bitcoin is quite high; you could lose your life savings in a matter of seconds if things go awry. Trading bitcoin requires some technical knowledge of the crypto ecosystem and the best time to invest or make a sale.

Polny’s Bitcoin Crypto Index is your best tool If you are interested in buying bitcoin but you are not a crypto geek and do not understand how the market works, you do not need to panic. There is a tool that can easily help you trade safely with little or no possibility of losing your hard-earned money.

The Bitcoin Crypto Time Analysis has proved to be a reliable tool in the past 24 months due to its ability to accurately predict bitcoin timing. Its strong point is that it has been able to successfully time Bitcoin’s KEY entry and exit TIME points.

Why you should use Polny’s Bitcoin Crypto Index Some of the reasons why you need to use the Polny’s Bitcoin Crypto Index in your trading project include: • Its Bitcoin timing is reliable and precise. • It offers you essential ‘KEY’ dates that concern the future cycle of bitcoin (2-3 weekly) • It uses the Fibonacci Price Targets in getting charts for several trendy altcoins (weekly) • It gives you the right projected timing regarding sharp multi-thousand dollar price drops and spikes. • It offers you the probable future bitcoin cycle HIGH and LOW dates up to 30 days beforehand. -Weekly.

Arming yourself with this amazing tool simply means being able to buy bitcoin when the price is at its lowest possible level and selling when the price gets to the pinnacle. In this way, you are guaranteed a huge return on investment.