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My friends and I were curious what would happen if anyone could launch an ICO in one click for free. So we built a tool (literally called GetRichQuick haha) for doing exactly that, and shipped it as a fun experiment. You can try it here: https://betoken.fund/getrichquick/create/

Some cool stuff we implemented: Accept more than 40+ different coins as payment (using Kyber Network). Tokens are priced in DAI, and proceeds are automatically converted to DAI. Referral program where both the referrer and the referred get extra tokens. Generate an ICO portal dApp in one click without writing a line of code. ICO investors can connect to the portal using both Metamask and Ledger and invest using a user-friendly GUI. Generated ICO portals are hosted on IPFS.

For help, questions, critique, please leave a comment! We’d love to see what the community will do with GetRichQuick.