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We live in a world were human attacks are becoming prevalent. The cyber world is not exempted from this chaos going on. To solve this issue, organizations need to provide a sustainable level of protection; however, traditional solutions are never as effective as they are gradually failing. Today, there are new threats, which our current traditional cyber methods of scanning cannot detect. They seamlessly bypass these security protocols easier and pose a greater threat, which would cost millions of dollars to repair if it is repairable.

Nevertheless, GBMS Tech has developed a new cybersecuritysystem that will make the challenges of the traditional system history. GBMS Tech has created a new cybersecurity as a service, which uses a prototype shift in cybersecurity and works in reverse to scan, detect, and remediate model. This unique GBMS Tech offers numerous cybersecurity services, which include monitored hardware and software solution that stops threats like magic. Interestingly, it stops all unauthorized programs, closes access to dangerous activities, and detect data thefts. GBMS is the future of cybersecurity and the best time to join the moving train is when it is ready to move.

Because of the success of GBMS Tech, it is offering the public its Accumulus Threat Shield Token also known as ATS. The token is compatible with the Ethereum ERC20 and will be sold to raise funds for the continuous development of the product. This sale offers you the opportunity to be part of the new future of cybersecurity. The interesting thing is that you not getting involved with just an idea but joining forces with GBMS to develop an incredible lockdown and network monitoring product to reach a global market. The ATS is externally tradable, used for buying services from GBMS Tech, and for rewarding Hoplites for finding or validating new threats and vulnerabilities.